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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an advanced and complete system of medicine that has been widely used all over the world for over two hundred years.

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Homeopathy is available in office or via phone/skype.



Welcome to Total Holistic Wellness

We aim to help a variety of different symptoms and ailments from mental/emotional to physical. We also provide Mindfulness Coaching.

I am just Surviving… Anxiety

Many people have symptoms of mental illness and suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Homeopathy has the ability to offer an alternative treatment for anxiety, stress, and the ailments and moods that come with them.

Allergies and Headaches

Allergies can cause headaches and a feeling of pressure in the front of the head and between the eyes. Nasal allergies often cause inflammation not only in the nose, but also in the sinus passages that connect to the nose.

Ear Infections & First Aid Kits

Symptoms of ear pain and inflammation caused by viral or bacterial infections can be treated with homeopathy. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have remedies at your finger tips to help your family? Well you can with our family first aid kits.

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For information about homeopathy, bioenergetics, attitude coaching or just have questions about Total Holistic Wellness, please contact us.