What Is Homeopathy?


Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843) rediscovered this ancient healing principle in 1770, and laid the foundation for a complete system of medicine based on similia similibus curentur (‘like’ cures ‘like’). Hahnemann refined his work through careful clinical experiments and, thereby, refined the homeopathic system of medicine at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Homeopathy is a 200 year old healing art. It is used worldwide by lay people and professional homeopaths. Homeopathy can be used effectively for chronic/long-term symptoms, as well as tor acute symptoms in people of all ages. Homeopathy should not be confused with nutritional therapy or herbal medicine; it has it is a complete system of medicine distinct unto itself. Homeopathy works with The Law of Similars, which is based on the observation that the specific medicine most curative for a patient will be the one that is able to cause a pattern of symptoms similar to the symptoms from which the patient is suffering.

The practitioner of homeopathy must be well versed in the science of the body in both health and disease. He or she must have a thorough grasp of homeopathic philosophy, case-taking, case analysis and Homeopathic Materia Medica, and the ability to recognize daily obstructions that are found in the diet and lifestyle of their patients.

What is Homeopathy?

It is a natural system of medicine that is safe, gentle and effective for all ages. Homeopathic medicine is matched to one’s distinctive symptom picture not a disease name. Therefore having a diagnosis is not necessary when you see a Homeopath.

The Homeopath takes in account the entire symptom picture and not just one area. The Homeopath will ask about your sleep, eating, bowels, mental and emotion states and any aches and pains and many more questions to get that individualized picture. Two people coming in with the same symptoms of a disease may not receive the same remedy. For example let’s take the symptoms of hay fever; both may come into the office with the same symptoms but because of the individuality of the patients. One may receive Homeopathic alumina cepa while the other receives Homeopathic Histaminum. Why? Maybe the first one patient’s symptoms are only the eyes which are itchy, irritated and running and the second has more symptom flares with pollen and not just the eyes are irritated.

As you can see Homeopathy is very individualized, so the Homeopath takes time to see the entire symptom picture before prescribing and also looks at not only symptoms but lifestyle, emotional and mental states, and other factors.

Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body’s defence mechanisms and processes so as to prevent or treat illness. Treatment involves giving very small doses of substances called remedies that, according to homeopathy, would produce the same or similar symptoms of illness in healthy people if they were given in larger doses.

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