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I am just surviving …. Anxiety

Sally came to me with symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.  She felt like she was just barely coming up for air most days.  All she wanted to do is stay in the safety of her home and hide out. Her symptoms had become overwhelming.  She had these symptoms for much of her adult life and felt no one really believed or understood them.

Every time she tries to leave her house these symptoms kick in of fear and panic.  It has really disrupted her life and her families.  Her fear would take over and she would retreat back into her home.  Even going to work had become loaded with fear.  She also felt sluggish and tired and was really struggling.

As a homeopath we look at all areas of a person, taking everything in account.

The Homeopathic remedy Calcarea-carbonica was given to take several times throughout the month. This remedy is made from an oyster shell and one of the main features of this remedy is a desire to stay safely inside their home (shell). Of course, many other symptoms and feelings she gave me are in the remedy too, we don’t prescribe on just one symptom. I looked forward to seeing her again in a month or so to see how she was doing.

She never returned.  However the rest of her family members did. They were amazed how within a month her symptoms of anxiety had completely disappeared.  The rest of her family decided to give homeopathy a try for other reasons!

If you suffer with symptoms similar to this give me a call!  I can be reached via Total Holistic Wellness facebook page or the website email.

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