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Healthy Living Advice Headaches Symptoms of headaches are brutal!  With the pressure changes of this spring it’s probably one of the top questions that have been coming in!  Can Homeopathy help with symptoms of headaches?  Why yes it can! There are a few different causes [...]

I am just surviving …. Anxiety

Healthy Living Advice I am just surviving …. Anxiety Sally came to me with symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.  She felt like she was just barely coming up for air most days.  All she wanted to do is stay in the safety of her [...]

Stay Positive & positive thinking

Healthy Living Advice Stay Positive – positive thinking I love this quote.  Happiness is an attitude.  We choose it!   Stay Positive!!!!!! It can make an difference on your over all well being.  There is a great article  on the Huffington Post on how  there [...]

Can your attitude affect your health?

Healthy Living Advice Can your attitude affect your health? Of course it can!  I see it in practice all the time.  I have experienced it!  That is the beautiful thing about homeopathy.  A trained homeopath listens to what the patient is talking about and help.  [...]

The sunshine is back!

Healthy Living Advice The sunshine is back! The nice weekends begin! Bring on the gardening, sitting on the deck and enjoying life in the sunshine! Hydrate yourself on these days if you are spending it outside and don’t forget that peak “burn” times when the [...]

Allergy Season

Healthy Living Advice Allergy Season Allergy season is upon us!  Sneezing, runny nose, scratchy throat and itchy eyes, watering eyes and headaches no more!  Homeopathy can help you get through the season without medications.  It is a safe natural way to help your seasonal [...]

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